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Let us help you take the first step to a better YOU.



Individual Therapy

$150 Per Hour

Individual therapy sessions can help you identify the changes you'd like to make while empowering you along the path to finding how to implement those changes. Individual therapy has many benefits some of which include working through life transitions, feelings of being stuck, as well as the processing of the relationships with self.

Couples Therapy

$150 Per Hour

Couples seek out therapy for different reasons. Maybe the trust has been violated in your relationship, maybe you’re trying to decide if you should be together, or maybe nothing is wrong at all. Either way your are in the right place we are here to help you. This can be an uncomfortable process as it does require work and accountability from both partners. However, the reward of investing in couples therapy gives you the power to be ready for what life throws at you. 


Family Therapy

$150 Per Hour

Our family therapy services are aimed at treating the family as the client, ensuring each of you are heard and that solutions are found to meet your needs as a whole. Family therapy services have a variety of benefits such as opportunities to openly express concerns in a safe environment, leading to increased open and effective communication. These sessions are also aimed to help families develop positive attitudes towards life’s most complex and challenging circumstances.

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