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Let us help you take the first step to a better YOU.



Individual Therapy

$155 Per Hour

Individual therapy can be helpful if you're feeling stuck in life. Beginning therapy can enhance your mental health journey by helping you build self-awareness and self-compassion. These are two essential pieces needed to begin healing from any traumas or emotional hurt. Life be LIFE-ING! Use therapy as a safe space to process anything you're going through and learn how to stand up to your inner critic. We will teach you how to create boundaries and build a sustainable self-care routine that caters to stress reduction. 

Couples Therapy

$165 Per Hour

Couples seek therapy for different reasons: infidelity, boredom, conflict, communication, sexual issues. We help you improve your communication by teaching you to recognize the communication patterns that are keeping you stuck. Once you recognize the patterns, you can replace them with healthier patterns. This creates a safe space for both of you to be vulnerable and validated. This can be an uncomfortable process as it does require work and accountability from both partners. However, the reward of investing in couples therapy gives you the power to be ready for what life throws at you. 


Family Therapy

$155 Per Hour

Family therapy treats the family as the client, ensuring each of you is heard and that solutions are found to meet your needs as a whole. Family therapy offers the opportunity to openly express concerns in a safe environment, leading to increased open and effective communication. Families gain tools that help them function in healthier ways.

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